Macbook No sound, red light

Sometimes when reboot my macbook pro, I have no sound and optical turns red light on.   So I found a good advice by Michael Bransome Then I tried this: opened Sound prefs, went to the pane for device for sound output, stuck the headphone jack in, at which the device name changed to headphone, then I clicked on the line showing headphone, but I *held the mouse button down*, and while holding it down removed the jack. This made the device name change to internal speaker, and it worked again… I was everytime angry this save my day 🙂  
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OSX Server Jabber SSL

I had problem with Mountain Lion Server (OSX Server). After upgrade from Snow Leopard some things stops working. After reboot everythings works fine but after few hours, some services stops workings, for example Jabber cannot comunicate with world servers and people cannot see me online, but jabber accounts on my server wokrs fine. Also my blog stop working, page cannot be opened and cannot connect to Server. So I format a install server 3 times in week and restore all data, OD, Mails, Calendars and other. But Server everytime do the same as before reinstall. So I testing all possibilities. 1. I don’t install macports, so I think macports change some unix packages and that’s the problem 2. I don’t install Xcode because server do the same with no macports but no success I testing all possibilities, so I remove all SSL from services and everythings working 3 days, so I turn on Messages(Jabber) SSL and here we go. Server stops working after few hours. So Just remove SSL from Jabber and server working like magic So I hope this post helps someone.
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