Ethernet Thermometer

One friend told me, he want a digital thermometer for his rack to monitor temperature failure and send email or SMS to him. So I went to shop and order somer arduino, temperature sensor and ethernet interface and a little nice box for all that. All Data are store in time inverval on my server for later graphs. I dont have them yet because have no time. I made this in one weekend (2 days) as relax 🙂   This is my first Arduino project and therefore I would kindly ask you to be indulgent. 1. Model of Thermometer   2. This is simple GUI for mobile 3. My flat with sensor in my working room for testing Mobile Webbrowser ————————————— Update 10.10.2014 Link with live working Demo and graphs I’ve ordered wifi module for next wifi version of this.
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Macbook No sound, red light

Sometimes when reboot my macbook pro, I have no sound and optical turns red light on.   So I found a good advice by Michael Bransome Then I tried this: opened Sound prefs, went to the pane for device for sound output, stuck the headphone jack in, at which the device name changed to headphone, then I clicked on the line showing headphone, but I *held the mouse button down*, and while holding it down removed the jack. This made the device name change to internal speaker, and it worked again… I was everytime angry this save my day 🙂  
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Android Emulator OSX Crashing

After update eclipse Juno and AVD version 2.1, android emulator starts crashing down. I run the emulator, close it and next time he would not run and just fall down. I cannot delete it, because its says emulator its running. So I looking and finding solution tu run it again, but not restart the notebook, because after reboot everythings working. 1. Go to ~/.android/avd/[your device name]/ 2. Delete all files except config.ini and userdata.img Everything works again.
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Today I find solution for replace iOS 6 maps on iOS Devices Original post from **** THIS SOLUTION IS APPROVED BY APPLE **** If you want to have Google maps instead of Apple maps in your app on iOS6, this is simple solution for this As you already saw, Apple made his own maps solution, which is implemented in iOS6. It’s great, but, unfortunately, here in Serbia is unusable. I heard a lot of people from countries like UK that maps are not good enough in their Cities, it’s huge problem for people who already have some app in appStore that’s based on Google maps and Google maps API (for example geocoding API which must to be used only with Google maps by Google maps TOS). I found solution for implementing Open Street Maps as overlay on the MKMapView: Because they just downloading OSM tiles and showing them as overlay, I made some changes to use Google maps tiles. I posted demo on GitHub: Implementation: Use this, it’s the same: Thanks to Nutiteq team for providing source code for OSM!
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Including Code that is not ARC Compliant

Including Code that is not ARC Compliant According to Apple’s documentation: “ARC interoperates with manual reference counting code on a per-file basis. If you want to continue using manual reference counting for some files, you can do so.” This means some files can use ARC and some files can be spared from it’s magical grasp. Here are the steps for bulk excluding files from ARC at compile time. At the time of writing, many popular libraries are not ARC ready, to get around this follow these steps: Click on your Project in the Xcode project tree Click on the Target Select the Build Phases tab Expand the Compile Sources section Select one or more files you want to exclude from ARC Press the return key Type -fno-objc-arc Press the return key again Each file selected now has a -fno-objc-arc compiler flag set and will be excluded from ARC
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OSX Server Jabber SSL

I had problem with Mountain Lion Server (OSX Server). After upgrade from Snow Leopard some things stops working. After reboot everythings works fine but after few hours, some services stops workings, for example Jabber cannot comunicate with world servers and people cannot see me online, but jabber accounts on my server wokrs fine. Also my blog stop working, page cannot be opened and cannot connect to Server. So I format a install server 3 times in week and restore all data, OD, Mails, Calendars and other. But Server everytime do the same as before reinstall. So I testing all possibilities. 1. I don’t install macports, so I think macports change some unix packages and that’s the problem 2. I don’t install Xcode because server do the same with no macports but no success I testing all possibilities, so I remove all SSL from services and everythings working 3 days, so I turn on Messages(Jabber) SSL and here we go. Server stops working after few hours. So Just remove SSL from Jabber and server working like magic So I hope this post helps someone.
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iScroll 4

Yesterday I had a problem, with HTML scrolling DIVs in Webapps. I thought it would be natural in iDevices but Android is allways a problem. But bigger problem ist bigger challenge for me. So I searching web for solution and found great Javascript plugin called “iScroll”. Now its version iScroll 4 released. For usage just download from In HTML just create div with content   … … … …   And insert into HEAD of your document this code <script type="application/javascript" src="iscroll.js"></script><script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[ var myScroll; function loaded() { myScroll = new iScroll('wrapper'); } document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', loaded, false); // ]]></script> It automaticly adjust height aned everything else. I got Top and Bottom bar on webapp and scrolling content in middle and everything just works like charm. Thanks for this plugin.
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Today I want to build new version app for AppStore. App was developed on Xcode 4.4, but wednesday was release of iOS 6 and Xcode 4.5. I found more bugs in Xcode 4.5, but Validate project showing UINewsstandApp=true, so I look in Info project and found this You must remove it and everything its OK. Also got issues with PropertyList in Info, when I add new Row nothing add, when I click Build and back property shows. When I remove some property its hang there. So I think there are some bugs. And last but not least Icon 1024×1024 thats crazy And iPhone 5 Screenshots omg, why they cannot add letterboxes for them.
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Sudo command php

I’ve got problem to check and mount disk, because sometimes my unix machine disconnect USB disk, so I want to write script that check last disk and mount it. But there was a problem to run system command fdisk to return all disks. So here is solution: – edit or create file nano /etc/sudoers – insert into file Defaults        env_reset   %www-data ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL – exit and save You also need sudo installed on system ! Now you can execute sudo script with php command exec() <!--?php $lastLine=exec("sudo fdisk -l",$retVal); ?--> Have a nice day 🙂    
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